The Glory of Kirat History

The Missing Chapter from Vincent Smith's Oxford History of India

About the Author

Rai-Zimmdar (born 1935 - ) is a retired Colonel of the Gurkhas who now lives with his family in suburban Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

No Gurkha has ever written about themselves; Gurkhas don't write, they fight. They do not fight for themselves, they fight for their friends. Consequently, a great deal of inaccuracies and disinformation, some inadvertent and some deliberate, have filled in the accounts of the Gurkhas, written by friends, historians and even pseudo-historians.

Rai-Zimmdar has now broken the ranks and decided to write. He hopes these books on the Gurkhas, who are identified here as Kirati-Mongolians, will shed new lights upon them and the readers will, for the first time begin to see the image of the Gurkhas under clearer light.

You want to read these books for one good reason that GL Rai-Zimmdar is most eminently qualified to write these historical books accurately drawing from the vast reservoir of tradition and folklore that only a Gurkha can.