About The Project

Create a responsive web and mobile with code in HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and media queries. Bootstrap. SEO. Google Analytics. GitHub. Cyberduck. SSH/SFTP.

Edifice Group, Inc.

Edifice Automotive is a nationally recognized 3rd-Party data and digital marketing provider for dealers, and OEMs. Services include conquest and retention marketing for sales and service.

Five Freedoms Farm

Mission: To care for animals in need in a place that strengthens the Deaf community through its exploration of DeafSpace, entrepreneurship, art, community building, leadership, research, and education.

Website devoloped by Annie Rai


Jacada is a software and services company which provides unified desktop and process optimization products for customer service and support.

Editor and Colorist Portfolio

Created and developed a client’s website to prompt and market her portfolio website - in the process of completion.

Website devoloped by Annie Rai

Carol Rai Musical

I design, develop, promot, and market my mother’s website to share her beautiful singing Gospel music
with the world.

Website devoloped by Annie Rai

Little Stuffed Things

I design, develop, promot, and market my Little Stuffed Things website to share my favorite Nepali dish, Dumplings and provided international dumpling recipes/history/local ethnic restaurants with the world.

Website devoloped by Annie Rai

Planet Atlanta

Planet Atlanta focuses on preserving historic and immigrants lifestyle around the city of Atlanta.

Logo designed, and website devoloped by Annie Rai

Deaf Pathways, Inc

Deafinite Pathway, Inc., aims to help deaf youth and young adults by utilizing Deafinite Pathway, Inc. It is a youth development program designed to equip them with a unique skill set to assist them in climbing the ladder of success through: Personal Development, Career Development, Leadership Development, and Community Service.

Logo designed, and website devoloped by Annie Rai

Kirat Online

Kiratonline concentrates upon Kirat History which has never been written.

The website is in the process. Logo designed, and devoloped by Annie Rai


Created an interactive website for CitiPix about change of cities pictures selected.

Devoloped by Annie Rai

Startup Matchmaker

Startup Matchmaker is the place for designers and developers to find each other.

Devoloped by Annie Rai


Relaxr is the perfect personal assistant.

Devoloped by Annie Rai