Web Design

Sublime + MailChimp + Wordpress + Coding + Robomail

Cumming First United Methodist Church

Email Newsletter weekly + Important Announcements. Hover and click to view

Edifice Group, Inc

Email Marketing for the automotive campaign, sales, and service. Hover and click to view

Cumming First United Methodist Church

Incomplete website. Indecisive to move forward with new redesign website. However, they maintain their old wordpress website.

Five Freedoms Farm

Mission: To care for animals in need in a place that strengthens the Deaf community through its exploration of DeafSpace, entrepreneurship, art, community building, leadership, research, and education.

Editor and Colorist Portfolio

Created and developed a client’s website to prompt and market her portfolio website

Carol Rai Musical

I design, develop, promote, and market my mother’s website to share her beautiful singing Gospel music with the world.


Jacada is a software and services company that provides unified desktop and process optimization products for customer service and support.